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A New Paradigm

The War on Cancer was declared by President Nixon in December 1971. Since that time we have learned a lot about cancer yet we have made very little progress in the goal of preventing and treating cancer. 

There are many aspects to consider when approaching cancer and it's causes. If you look at cancer as a "Chronic Disease" which usually has a cause that stems from a deficiency, a toxicity, and or a genetic predisposition then you immediately have tools to consider in treatment. 

The traditional allopathic treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. These treatments have their place but they are obviously not the entire answer to the problem at hand.

However, if we can combine these treatments with science based treatments that support the body, enhance traditional treatment protocols, improve quality of life, and lengthen life span; that could be the beginning of expanding our search for the cure of cancer.

High dose intravenous vitamin C "is a well-tolerated, very cost-effective treatment, and it may significantly improve patient outcomes." (Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa)

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