Cancer Types treated at Bluestone Natural Medicine

Over the last 13 years that we have been seeing cancer patients, there has been a great variety of cancers, at various stages, that have walked through our doors. The following list is not conclusive.
The most common cancers that we have seen are Breast cancers in females and males both hormone  sensitive and non hormone sensitive. Prostate cancer would be a close second, followed by lung cancers, sarcomas, colon cancer, liver cancer, glioblastoma multiform, thyroid cancer, esophageal cancer, oral cancer, testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma, leukiemia's, and many others.
When looking at cancer and treating it as a chronic disease, there is always improvements that can be made for quality of life and outcome; as our bodies need 3 basic things to thrive. 
  1. Give the body what it needs
    1. nutrients deficiencies are associated with many cancers
    2. Proper hydration using water and sea salt is key
    3. Considering diet in the macro and micro nutrients is helpful
  2. Take out the trash 
    1. Supporting detoxification pathways (urination, defecation, sweating, breathing, liver pathways, etc...)​
    2. Decreasing total body burden of toxins such as heavy metals can be very helpful in making traditional treatments (chemo and radiation) more effective as well as significantly slow some cancers.
    3. Proper hydration using water and sea salt is key
  3. Stimulate the body towards healing
    1. Strengthen and encourage immune function​ 
    2. Decrease inflammation
    3. Increase oxygenation of tissues

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