Limited Testing 

When you need just a few markers

The button below allows YOU to choose which tests you want to run. When you click on it you will be taken to our lab partners website where you can choose lab tests based on

1. Most popular tests

2. Test panels

3. Search individual test

4. Tests by condition

5. Tests by body function

Testing can be done at your convenience at a lab draw center near you, all without a doctor. Many people do not understand what the labs mean or how to interpret their significance so we offer an easy to understand report that gives you a functional analysis instead of just the numbers and the range.

On our Lab partner's website just click the add to cart button then hit checkout. You will be prompted to select a lab draw center near you and enter your personal information prior to actually purchasing your labs. Once your lab order is complete you will receive the form to take to your local draw center and they will draw your blood and the results will be generated along with a easy to understand report. This report will make it easy for you to track your progress as you make the recommended changes to your health and then retest in the future the report will create comparison charts that make it easy to track your progress.

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