Melatonin and Cancer

Melatonin's effectiveness in cancer treatment

In low doses, we think of melatonin as a sleep aid that you can purchase at any health-food store. We also produce it in our bodies, it serves many purposes in normal function in the body.
  • So why would we want to take larger doses?
    • Larger doses actually increase results of treatment when fighting cancer.
  • What does it do in the fight against cancer?
    • At moderate doses 20mg to 50mg:​
      • immunomodulation with other cancer treatments such as IL-2; thus increasing survival time in multiple cancer types.
    • At High doses 200 to 800mg:
      • Melatonin can become cytotoxic to some cancers
  • If I take a high dose of melatonin will I just want to sleep all day?​
    • No, if you get a little groggy with a small dose of melatonin you will probably get a little groggy with the high dose, but you won't necessarily have increased grogginess. ​
  • Can I take to much melatonin?
    • The research has gone as high as 800 mg in human trials. This is the max dose that we recommend. That being said the LD50 has not been established as it has not been shown to be lethal at any dose tested on animals.

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