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Optimal Testing

Helping you fine tune your body into your optimal health.

Optimal Testing includes blood, saliva, urine, and sometimes stool samples. Many of these tests are Standard medical tests that have "normal" ranges but there are optimal ranges that most doctors either don't know or consider because they are accustom to managing disease.

Optimal Testing through Bluestone Natural Medicine has several testing options to consider. With all of our testing options you will receive a comprehensive explanation of the test results from an optimal perspective along with recommendations specific to your results and when retesting should be considered.

Here is the process: 

1. Select the test panel to the right that best fits you. 

2. After reviewing the details of the panel. Click on the order now button. This will take you to our lab partners website and there you will enter in the required information for the labs to be performed, select a draw center near you, and pay your discounted price for the labs and reports.

3. After the samples have been collected they will be processed and shipped to the various labs for evaluation. Depending upon the labs ordered this may take up to 14 days. (Most labs reports are completed and sent to you within 5 business days).

5. You will receive a copy of the lab report in an easy to understand optimal health perspective with specific recommendations to improve your labs to optimal ranges.

6. For an additional fee you can visit with one of our physicians to address any health conditions that may be hindering your health goals. Calling our office at 406-890-0172 is the best way to set up that visit.

Testing Options

43 Tests with 144 Biomarkers
43 Tests with 144 Biomarkers
37 Tests with 137 Biomarkers
37 Tests with 137 Biomarkers

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