It is TIME for a tune up!!! let's run some tests and see where we can improve your bodies function and your quality of life.


With this Functional Lab Analysis we will analyze the following tests to determine hormone levels as well as function of systems and nutrient levels. We are NOT interested in "NORMAL" we want "OPTIMAL"!!!  Reclaim your health today by starting with your biochemistry.


You will get a full report of the results of the test as well as an explanation and recommendations.


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Men's Complete Functional Lab Analysis

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    • Testosterone Analysis(blood): Total and free testosterone, PSA, Estradiol, SHBG, DHEA, LH, FSH, and DHT.

    • Nutrient Analysis(blood): Vitamin D, B12, folate, Iron TIBC, and  fasting insulin.

    • Adrenal Analysis(saliva): Cortisol x 4, DHEA + DHEA-S, 17OH-Progesterone, IgA, IgA, AB Gliadin, Insulin Response, and Cortisol and DHEA balance analysis.

    • General markers(blood): CBC with differential, ferritin, CMP (kidney function, liver function, electrolyte balance)

    • Inflammation Markers(blood): CRP, SED rate, and homocystene.

    • Cardio IQ advanced Lipid (blood): Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides, APO B, hsCRP, LP (a), Lipo ion, LP-PLA2

    • Thyroid Analysis(blood): TSH, FreeT4, FreeT3, ReverseT3, TPO, and Thyroglobulin AB.

    • In office measures: Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygen saturation, and weight.