IV Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves many purposes in the body. It is typically thought of as an antioxidant to help support immune function. While it does that it also can be a powerful oxidant to create a powerful immune mechanism for fighting cancer, bacteria, and viruses. 

The dose is what changes it's mechanism. Typically doses under 15 grams are considered antioxidant and doses over 15 grams are considered oxidative. For doses above 15 grams it is necessary to do a blood test to check if your G6PD enzyme which protects your red blood cells from vitamin C oxidative actions is adequate. We do offer a variety of Vitamin C IV's.

Immune Builder

5 - 10 grams of vitamin C

15 Gram Vitamin C

This is the only higher dose vitamin C that we can without the G6PD test. 

25 Gram Vitamin C

G6PD test required

50 Gram Vitamin C

G6PD test required

75 Gram Vitamin C

G6PD test required

100 Gram Vitamin C

G6PD test required

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