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About Us

Dr. J. Joe Holcomb N.D.

aka Great Bear of the Blue Stone

I am passionate about getting to the root problem with a patients condition or disease process, if I don't know I hit the books and study it out! Many conditions can be as simple as a nutrient deficiency, while others can be extremely complicated multi-factorial conditions layered upon each other and side effects of medications layered upon that, with underlying unfavorable genomic expressions. In short, things can get complicated real quick!

I have more than 15 years of experience deciphering these kinds of cases and having to determine a protocol and what to handle first. There have been very few people that I have not been able to help, though there have been some.


Dr. Joe as many of his patients call him, graduated with his pre-med and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University.


He went on to medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where he was involved in organizing two student clubs, one that focused on the philosophy of natural medicine and the other that strives to help license Naturopathic physicians in all 50 states, in fact, Dr. Joe and 4 other students played a role in helping to license Naturopathic physicians in California when they stood and testified in the state house committee meeting in Sacramento, California.


Dr. Joe also organized and was the chairman for the first “Gathering”, a naturopathic philosophical conference whose main purpose is to bring the ‘elders’ (long practicing Naturopathic Doctors) into contact with the students of Naturopathic Medicine, this conference still continues today and has been held annual since the first one, and is always put on by the students of the various Naturopathic Medical Schools.


Dr. Joe also had the privilege of working with many Native Tribes as medical staff at the ‘Sun Dance’ ceremony outside of Phoenix during his 4th year in medical school, and was asked to be apart of the ceremony at one point.


At his graduating ceremony Dr. Joe was presented with an Outstanding Leadership Award for all of his extra curricular activities. Dr. Joe then went on to complete a family practice residency through National University of Natural Medicine and spent time in Spokane, Washington and Provo, Utah as part of that residency. He was in private practice in Cedar City, Utah from 2007 to 2014. In 2014 he moved to Kalispell, Montana and opened a private practice.

In the time he has been in private practice he has had more than 5,500 patients, has been a guest lecturer 2 times each semester at the Nursing College at Southern Utah University from 2008 - 2014, and had a local radio show on KSUB 590 AM in southwestern Utah until 2013. Dr. Joe also speaks at various church and community groups about various natural health topics.


Dr. Joe is happily married to Angela and they are the parents to 8 very active children and 1 grandchild. They thoroughly enjoy and live life fully!

An interview of Dr. Joe with one of his mentor's Dr. James Sensenig.  "How medications influenced practice" 


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Dripz IV Center

Lila Cenis, RN

Dripz IV center is a Nutrient and Hydration facility that administers intravenous fluids with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and peptides. 

Dr. Joe has been doing IV therapies since 2004 and has seen great success in creating biochemical changes through this therapy.

Lila joined Dr. Joe and after receiving advanced training in IV therapeutics as well as advanced training in NAD+ IV therapies has now taken over operations of Dripz and is doing a fabulous job!!!

Dripz is open to the public with a free initial medical consult to ensure safety in your particular case. 

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