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Adrenal Analysis

Adrenal Stress Index Test

This is a saliva test that gives us a good view of your Cortisol rhythm and DHEA as well as the Balance between the Cortisol and DHEA. This balance is critical to maintaining optimal Adrenal Health.

Adrenal Health is the most often overlooked area of health. As a society our stress hormones are constantly being stimulated and we can only handle so much stimulation before the stress becomes detrimental to our adrenal health.  Get your Adrenal Analysis done today.

Come meet with Dr. Joe and get started today.

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Labs that are checked in the Adrenal Stress Index test include: Cortisol x 4, DHEA + DHEA-S, 17OH-Progesterone, IgA, IgA: AB Gliadin, Insulin Response, and Cortisol and DHEA balance analysis.  With these test results we can analyze and recommend a protocol to begin the process of healing your adrenals.

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