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Functional Labs Analysis

Functional Labs are labs that are run via blood, saliva, and urine that when combined tell a story of your biochemistry that goes beyond just if the lab range is within "normal" range or not. Many people have been told that their labs are normal but they know that something isn't right and that they need someone to help them figure it out.

We are here to help!!! With 15 + years experience in working with the bodies Biochemistry we have become very skilled at putting health puzzle's together. Whether your trying to heal from a disease process or your are wanting to optimize your health, we got you covered.

Men's Complete

Men of all ages seem to struggle to have that competitive edge that they once had. Most of the time there is an imbalance of hormones or a nutrient deficiencies to blame. We look at not just testosterone but all of the metabolites and up stream contributors as well as several nutrients and your thyroid and adrenal hormones.

This is a broad series of tests that covers many systems of the body. While admittedly we don't test everything (that would be impractical without cause) We do gather quite of bit of information. More than enough to make improvements to your health. 

You get 88 Biomarkers checked in a report that lays out not just normal but optimal levels and makes recommendations to improve your biomarkers that can easily be retested semi annually or annually according to your desire for improvement.

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Woman's Complete

If you are a woman who want to get on top of and understand your health this is the panel for you. In putting your hormone and nutrient picture together it can get complex. We do our best to simplify the process while looking at several nutrients, your thyroid, sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and system function.

There is a balance that needs to be achieved with all of these markers during the child bearing years as well as after menopause. Most women just endure through their symptoms just thinking that there issues are because of age or genetics.


Get your Complete Analysis done today and learn the truth and reclaim your health.

You get 86 Biomarkers checked in a report that lays out not just normal but optimal levels and makes recommendations to improve your biomarkers that can easily be retested semi annually or annually according to your desire for improvement.


Adrenal Analysis

While there are many things that lead to fatigue, such as nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance and low thyroid functions; adrenal function is one that is over looked and not well understood by most doctors.  Yet there is an epidemic of low or out of balance adrenal hormones due to the major stress lifestyle that our society perpetuates.


The best thing that anyone can do for their adrenal glands long term is to find a way to really destress daily for at least 30 minutes a day. If you feel like that is not possible or that your stress hormones are over taxed already then getting the Adrenal Analysis is the best way to go.

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Food Allergy Analysis

Most of us can determine what our food allergies are when we eat something and within a short period of time we have symptoms. To confirm these type of allergies you can get an immediate hypersensitivity (IgE antibodies) panel from any allergy specialist. 

However, most of us may have symptoms from a delayed hypersensitivity (IgG4 antibodies) that can be delayed as long as 72 hours after eating the food.  With this type of testing we take out the guess work and help you know what is causing you problems.

190 common foods are tested in this panel. 

Thyroid Functional  Lab Analysis

Have you ever been told that your Thyroid is "NORMAL" but you know that something isn't right. 

Most doctors are trained to look at TSH and if it is normal then there are no concerns, that is unfortunately not the case. Having a Functional Analysis of your Thyroid is your next step.

We have helped thousands of people improve their thyroid function and we will do our best to help you!​

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Men's Testosterone Functional Analysis

Running Low on Testosterone?  Not Sure? The Testosterone Pathway has multiple facets to it and needs to be looked at in it's entirety to really understand what is going on with Testosterone.

With this Functional Lab Analysis we will analyze the several test markers to determine Testosterone function. We are NOT interested in "NORMAL" we want "OPTIMAL"!!!  Reclaim your health today by analysing your biochemistry.

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