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Prolozone and Peptide's

We use various injection therapies to stimulate your body to regenerate and heal!​

Prolozone is an injection therapy for stimulating joint healing of soft tissues.


This type of injection is not like a steroid injection that takes the pain away, rather it stimulates your body over the course of time to regenerate and heal damaged tissue.


One injection per joint is recommended every 3 - 4 weeks until max improvement  is reached. 

Prolotherapy is an injection therapy that focuses on ligaments by tightening and strengthening them.


This is the ideal treatment post injury when a joint is "loose" and painful. Ligament laxity can be significantly reduced.

Scar Therapy is an injection therapy that is designed to reduce the size and pain of keloid scar tissue.


When there is nerve sensations that are due to a scar or the scar is large, this is the therapy needed.

Neural Therapy is an injection therapy like trigger point injections that focuses on decreasing nerve pain by reducing inflammation around the nerve and lowering the nerve threshold allowing it to reset and function normally.

Peptide Therapies: There are a variety of peptides that can stimulate your body to regenerate and heal.


Peptides may be added to Prolozone or Prolotherapy for an additive affect. 

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