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Testosterone Metabolism

Running Low on Testosterone?        Not Sure?             
The Testosterone Pathway has multiple facets to it and needs to be looked at in it's entirety to really understand what is going on with Testosterone levels.

With this Functional Lab Analysis we will analyze the following tests to determine Testosterone function. We are NOT interested in "NORMAL" we want "OPTIMAL"!!!  Reclaim your health today by starting with your biochemistry.

Tests utilized in this analysis:

  • Testosterone Analysis(blood): Total, free, and bioavailable Testosterone, PSA, Estradiol, SHBG, DHEA, and DHT.

To really understand Testosterone you need to think about it as not standing still. There is a flow to upstream hormones as they become Testosterone and there is a flow to down stream hormones and metabolites as Testosterone gets metabolized. 

It is the flow (Functional use) that is the main point of interest in understanding Testosterone levels.  

For example, if a man has low Testosterone levels but high estrogen levels then it would be a mistake to give him Testosterone without also addressing the estrogen conversion. 

Testosterone replacement Therapy is not about becoming a body builder. Instead it is about maintaining good muscle tone, joint health, determination, keeping a healthy libido, and not giving in to being a couch potato. This applies to men throughout life!!!

Come meet with Dr. Joe and get started today.

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