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Thyroid Complete Functional Lab Analysis

Have you ever been told that your Thyroid is "NORMAL" but you know that something isn't right.

Most doctors are just trained to look at TSH and if it is normal then there are no concerns, that is unfortunately not the case. Having a Complete Functional Analysis of your thyroid is your next step. We have helped thousands of people improve their thyroid function and we will do our best to help you!​

Come meet with Dr. Joe and get started today.


With the Thyroid Complete Functional Lab Analysis we look at the following labs: TSH, FreeT3, FreeT4, ReverseT3, FreeT3/ReverseT3 ratio, TPO, and Thyroglobulin AB.

7 Biochemical markers
  • That can be measured,
  • Improved upon through action,
  • and Measured again to confirm Improvement!
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